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International Office


Contact Information

Maria Fernanda Peña

Tel. 3319090 • Ext. 3242



During 2015, Fundación Valle del Lili has worked to strengthen the model of care for international patients, consolidating itself as the largest high complexity hospital in Aruba.

In 2015, 994 patients from Aruba were treated at our Institution referred by AZV, of which 759 were referred for hospital outpatient care and 235 for inpatient care, representing an increase of 47% over the previous year. On the other hand, in May this year we opened the doors to a new agreement with COOMEVA International, from which 381 patients have been treated to date between inpatient and outpatient care. This represents an increase of 58% on the invoiced value for international insurance companies for the year 2014.

We have continued to provide services to the Ministerio de Salud Pública de Ecuador (Ministry of Public Health of Ecuador), mainly for the management of pediatric cardiovascular surgery and in the last year, management of living donor transplants (kidney, liver and bone marrow).

All the logistics required for the care of foreign patients is arranged at the International Office which currently has 7 associates, 5 of them dedicated to logistical deployment and assisting patients, a General Practitioner and an Administrative Coordinator; the entire team is focused in making patients feel supported during the entire process.

We continue to work hand in hand with Cámara de Comercio de Cali (Cali Chamber of Commerce) and ProColombia, reinforcing the export of healthcare services and medical tourism, with the aim of expanding the borders in 2016 and grow exponentially in this regard.



















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Fundación Valle del Lili - Sede Principal

Av. Simón Bolívar. Cra 98 # 18-49 Cali • Colombia

Tel: (57)(2) 331 9090 • PBX Citas: (57)(2) 680 5757


Unidad de Cuidados Especiales - Sede Betania

Calle 50 # 118A - 68 Tel: (57)(2) 5551326 - 5554111


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